Make Better Choices.

The days of asking people 'what they like' are over. Let your phone measure the neurological value of the content you create. Any where. Any time.


What would you do different if you knew what people would remember about your content?

Sure, we would all make better content and probably drive more engagement or sales. That's obvious. But if you can predict what people will remember could you change the world?


There's a good chance someone you know is already a kneuro


Surveys and smile detectors will lead you down the wrong path

People mostly tell you what they think you want to hear. Therefore, surveys end up measuring more bias than behavior. And detecting emotions based on facial expressions is known to be bogus and bad science.Traditional neuroscience was slow, hard, and expensive.We changed all that.


Choices based on what people 'say they like' are only right 17% of the time.


Often, more than 25% of your marketing budget is spent on failed A/B testing of content.


Simple. Fast. Predictive.

Exactly the features you need to spin up a KNEUROSCIENCE test, without all the hassle. Measure your latest content or a live experience. See the results as they arrive.

▸ Measure with an Apple Watch▸ Measure with a Bluetooth Fitness Sensor
▸ In-person or Async▸ Run from Your Phone
▸ Pre-recorded Content▸ Live Experiences
▸ Real-time Results▸ You Control the Audience
▸ Export Data for Analysis▸ Share Results by Link
▸ No Subscription Required▸ Participant Location Data
▸ Annotate Experiences▸ 1-Click to Start
▸ Multiple People at Once▸ Solo & Remote Measurements

We are rolling out KNEURO to the public in waves. Get on the waitlist now to secure your spot.


Powered by Immersion

Our core science was developed over 20 years to measure what people's brains value and predict human behavior. It is not measuring 'feelings', it measures the attention and emotional resonance your brain attaches to an experience.This makes us a prediction engine.After many years of published, peer-reviewed science, Immersion figured out how to measure this unique state in your brain by listening to your body using the common smartwatches and fitness sensors that 40% of people already wear every day.

With Immersion as the core of our technology, we can now offer real-time neuroscience for every content creator. Today, brand leaders, creative directors, insights leaders, educators, experience designers, and event organizers around the world all use KNEUROSCIENCE to measure what their audience loves.


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In the past, understanding your audience was limited to sending a survey or asking people 'what they think'. Those days are done. You can no longer afford to make choices that are only right 17% of the time.

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